• $ 19.00
  • Save $ 40.50

The Bionic Hex Wrench features a unique hybrid of wrench and pliers design that provides a superior grip. This tool does the work of 14 other wrenches at a superb value!

Grip Any Shape

This Bionic wrench features a circular head with six steel jaws that allow it to grip any shape of nut or bolt. Square, hexagonal, round: nothing is beyond its reach.

The bionic wrench’s unique design ensures that it will never slip off and damage the bolt. You can even release your grip and this wrench will stay on the bolt, allowing for easy repositioning.

The bionic wrench is easily adjustable, allowing it to cover 16 different sizes. Throw away those cumbersome old wrenches for a sleek, all-in-one experience.

It’s that simple: just squeeze and turn. This is the easiest, fastest, most versatile wrench you will ever own.